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 President - Mike

 "I also enjoy
cross-country skiing"

I have been a member of the EISC for over six years and I have gone on at least one West trip each of those years. I consider myself an intermediate downhill skier and I also enjoy cross-country skiing. I participate in many of the non-ski activities of the club as well. 

Vice President - Bob

"I started skiing by
going on the one-day
trips to Sundown"
Many of my friends call me ‘Tork’, a moniker I got in my softball days because my teammates couldn’t pronounce my last name.  Back in 1976 I started coming to the Iowa Ski Club parties at the CSPS hall and CZBJ Park back when the annual dues were $12 and you could drink keg beer all night and party along with 600 of your closest friends.  I started skiing by going on the one-day trips to Sundown and my first big ski trip with the club was to Steamboat in 1979.  Since then I have been to many of the major ski resorts in the USA, Canada, and the club’s trip to Europe and I have been to some not so famous ski areas, too.  

Trip Coordinator - Jim

"Sarah and I both thoroughly
enjoy the friendship and camaraderie"
I have been a member of the EISC for the past 39 years and along with my wife Sarah, we both thoroughly enjoy the friendship and camaraderie along with participating in many of the club’s activities and trips over the years.  I’ve skied many of the West resorts along with some in Canada and Europe.  It’s especially enjoyable going to new activity destinations as well as enjoying past favorites.  I am an avid downhill, cross county skier, and recently snowshoeing.  I continue to captain (past 20 years) a ski race team comprised of EISC and Rockwell Collins participants.  I am retired from Rockwell Collins and enjoy the added time that I can dedicate to family, hobbies, and volunteering.

This past term I held the board position of Vice President, President and Trip Coordinator positions providing leadership to help support the membership/board in the club’s continued growth, success, and enjoyment.  

 Secretary/Webmaster - Kim



"The club is

my social outlet"


I have been in the ski club for about 10 years now, and I consider the club to be my social outlet.  The members are more like family than just friends.   I have many memories to cherish with these folks.   I believe that is why I enjoy doing so much work for the club.   I believe we are special group of people, with many talents, and we are fortunate that they share those talents.  

 Treasurer - Janet

"It's amazing how fast the winters go by when they are full of activities"
Many years ago some friends invited me to check out the East Iowa Ski Club.   So I began as a non-skier and soon learned how much fun the EISC could be.   I really enjoy the club and all of the many friendships that resulted.   I am an intermediate level skier, and have alot of fun on the "blue cruisers".    Recently I also began snow shoeing.   It's amazing how fast the winters go by when they are full of activities.    The year-round outdoor fun people.  That's what we are.  

 Newsletter Editor - Teri



   "I have always enjoyed

the friendships and family atmosphere of EISC"

I have been an EISC board member for the last 4 years.  I have been a member since the 1980’s except for a few small gaps.  I joined the club as a cross country skier, but am not able to ski anymore.  I have always enjoyed the friendships and family atmosphere of EISC and I have fun helping with events.  Recently I have taken on the job of editing the Skiddoo, and have been enjoying expanding my computer skills. I have been retired from Rockwell Collins since 2009 after 40 years in the radio factory. 

Publicity/Marketing - Larry

"I am passionate about many different events the club currently offers"
I have been been an active member of EISC since 2006.  I am passionate about many different events the club currently offers.  My hope is to help the club by bringing new ideas to help us expand on the things we currently do, as well as, introduce new activities.  
I also hope to bring some new ideas on how we can attract new members to the club.