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ShopSki Midwest trip is announced! Skiing at Afton Alps & Welch with accommodations next to the Mall of America.  See the Events Calendar for latest details.
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Welcome to the East Iowa Ski Club website, your source for snow skiing and snowboard riding sports information for Eastern Iowa.  

As of April 20th 2015, our current members will have received an email invitation to login to the member side of the website and explore the options within.  Members, take a look at the Forums that are available, Document Library and sign up for your Interest Areas.  Also check your personal profile and update your preferences.   Members might want to take a look at the new menu item Photo Albums, there are some Post Party pictures taken by Gordy and Big Sky, Montana trip pictures posted by Brenda.  
For those of you who have stumbled upon our humble home, come on in and take a look around.  See if this is the kind of club you would like to try on to see if it fits. Take a look at our latest news and events calendar under the "What's Happening" Menu.
If you have some questions about our club, check out the Why Join? under the Membership menu.  You will find that our club has been around for quite awhile, with our numbers growing lately, our membership is 136 at this time.  Our Executive Board meets every month to dream up new trips and activities.  
We have been on a number of trips, lots of West trips, many Midwest trips and a few overseas trips.  Since we are a winter oriented club, our member meetings fall once a month from September Kickoff to April Post Party.  We also have a number of summer activities to fill out our year and to fulfill our "Outdoor Fun People" credo.   Welcome and hope to see you soon!


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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